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I recently did some personal training sessions with Rosetta and would definitely recommend her if you
are looking for someone to help you to stay on track and get you motivated and achieve your goals. I
found her to be a great personal trainer, and what I like the most is she actually works out with you to get
the proper form and technique. She was very supportive and motivating in helping me work on my goals,
and gives really good advice and tips on exercising and training your body. I certainly enjoyed my
sessions with her and if you want to get in shape, I definitely say, try her. Her body is her marketing
J. - Private Client


Three years ago I started to be more physically active, going to the gym, riding my bike more, walking more and even running 5K marathons.  I was at the yo-yo stage of my journey meaning I was doing it as something to do, something to fit in. Then I attended a bodybuilding competition with Z2Z founder/owner Rosetta Smith and it clicked: I COULD LOOK LIKE THAT IF I WORKED REALLY HARD. I began to see that I was important, that I mattered to ME. I began to eat better, sleep better, hydrate better and exercise better. I began to see that my body needs to be treated with respect and love. So now I exercise with love and respect. I eat with love and respect. I think of myself with love and respect and now I can see the results. At my current age of 55+ I feel, healthier, stronger and more energetic than I did in my 30’s. This is all due to the knowledge and  expertise shared with me by Rosetta. She takes the time and energy to explain things to you in a language you can understand, to explain how important clean-eating really is, to show you the moves with alternates for your body structure or ability, and with a zest for you to succeed which in turn makes her succeed. I am happy to be one of her clients and will recommend her to anyone seeking  a personal trainer.



Comments from my wife:

I just finished an 8 week revenge body challenge with Rosetta and it met all of my expectations. Rosetta really took the time to understand my goals and was able to develop a great workout and nutrition plan in order to help me achieve my fitness goals. I have always been an active person but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Rosetta really taught me the importance of nutrition which was a crucial part of success.

Our weekly meetings were always very helpful and motivated me to stay on track with my nutrition. After a challenging 8 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and feel stronger than ever. I definitely recommend Z2Z Fitness for anyone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level or simply looking for a knowledgeable personal trainer that will help them in their fitness journey.


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